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To get a good result of diecasting, every component of injection system must work properly. In particlar, shot sleeve (circularity and straightness), temperature controlling system, cooling system for plunger and rod, lubricating system for plunger and shot sleeve, etc. are important.

Product Information

(Comparing Rod Lub System with Conventional System)
Rod Lub System
After opening the dies, lubricant is sprayed radially into sleeve from the joint located back of the plunger tip. It spreads over the internal surface of sleeve uniformly, and covers the whole internal surface. As the result, customers are happy with the life time of sleeve that is prolonged by 2-3 times.
Bubbling System Bubbling System

This is de-gassing system for molten Aluminum cleaning.
•  Hydrogen gas in molten metal is removed.
•  It can work with multiple furnaces.
•  Surface inpurities are not mixed into molten metal.
•  Its maintenance is easy.

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Title:  Injection parts design reducing friction.
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