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KBS has been engaged in production of diecasting relating equipments for 50 years. While Japanese diecasting market has expanded by 800 times, and new technologies such as vacuum diecasting, Acurad process, etc. have been developed. Diecasting will grow further, and KBS will take part in the market responsibility.

To Our Customers
Thank you very much for visiting our home page. We are taking the role to support your diecasting processes from melting through products. We are always looking into how to serve you more and better to realize your wishes. We will continue our effort to meet your expectation with our long acquired experiences and knowhow.
Akihide Ito, Rep. Director
Registered Name KK Kubo Seisakusho
Foundation 1957
Establishment 1979
Representative Director Akihide Ito
Capital 20 Million Yen
Employees 55
1957 Mar Founded with capital of 1 Mil Yen.
1976 Dec   Moved to the present location.
1979 Apr   Established KK Kubo Seisakusho with capital of 3 Mil Yen.
1980 Apr   Hideaki Ito took over the position.
May   Started production of injection parts.
Oct   Opend Saitama Factory.
1981 May   Capital to 6 Mil Yen.
1990 Sep   Opend Ibaragi Factory.
1993 Mar   Awarded Technology Inovation Prize by Tokyo Trust Bank Association.
May   Capital to 12 Mil Yen.
Aug   Expanded Main Factory.
1994 Oct   Technical tie-up with Allper.
1996 Jun   Capital to 20 Mil Yen.
1997 Apr   Expanded Ibaragi Factory.
Oct   Vacuum furnace at Saitama Factory.
1999 Sep   Gas nitriding furnace at Ibaragi Factory.
2000 Sep   Opened Main 2nd Factory.
2008 May   Established Soka Aoyagi Factory
(Head 1st Factory).
2009 May   Planning to move and add heat and surface treatment facilities to Chiba.
Head Office Postal 121-0812
1-15-18 Nishihogima, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Tel:  03-3859-1176
Fax:  03-3859-7016
Mail: info@kbs-japan.com
Head 1st Factory (Soka Aoyagi Plant)
Postal 340-0002
1-4-24 Aoyagi, Soka City, Saitama
Tel:  048-933-1176
Fax:  048-933-7016
Mail: kbssohka@sepia.ocn.ne.jp
Head 2nd Factory
Postal 121-0064
5-27-2 Hogima, Adachi-ku, Tokyo
Tel/Fax:  03-3859-4102
Ibaragi Factory
Postal 311-1724
2189-4 Konuki, Namagata City, Ibaragi
Tel/Fax:  0291-0300-3966

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