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KBS is a specialist of Injection Parts for Diecasting
KBS Kubo Manufacturing Company has been engaged in production of die casting parts for 50 years. KBS is at present involved mainly in injection parts for Aluminum diecasting for automotive industries, and also Magnesium and Zinc diecasting for other applications. KBS at the same time, have made a technical agreement with Allper in Switerland to introduce their latest injection technologies.
Cold Chamber Parts
Plunger Sleeve   * Plunger Sleeve
  * Plunger Tip
  * Plunger Rod Joint
  * Die Sleeve and Distributor
Hot Chamber Parts
Gooseneck   * Gooseneck (for Mg and Zn)
  * Plunger
  * Nozzle
  * Sprue
Ceramic Products
Ceramic Sleeve   * Diecast Sleeve
  * Stork
  * Furnace Heater Tube
  * Sialon Shielding Tube
  * Raddle
  * Plunger Rod Lub System
  * Babbling System

(Plunger Rod Lub System)
Allper System
Ring System   * Ring Plunger
  * Combi Lub Suystem
  * Vacuum System
  * Insert
  * Cooling Jacket

Features of KBS Products
KBS designs and manufactures particularly carefully the heating parts such as sleeve and tip to secure the product quality and long life.
  • Thermal expansion of sliding parts are carefully analyzed in design so that scuffing and wearing should never occur.
  • Raw materials are selected, processed, and heat treated in-house to keep quality and delivery time.
  • KBS always proposes the customers the best combination of parts from our wide range of selection.

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Rod Lubricating System
Bubbling System
Sialon Products
Ceramics Facing
Raddle Filter
Diecast Products

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