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Hot Chamber (Die casting Machine)

Hot chamber is used with low melting temperature metals. Zinc is platable or paintable, and used in building and furnishing goods. Also it is precision formable, and applied to electrical, automobiles, and computers. Magunesium is light and anti-electromagnetic, it is used for note-PC and digital camera.

Hot Chamber Diecasting Machine
Hot chamber has a built-in melting furnace. As gooseneck located in the furnace, and sleeve and plunger tip are submerged in the metal flow, the molten metal is fed automatically at each shot. As the casting pressure is low, burring is few and machine life is longer. Since the cycle time is short, the process suites to precision casting.
1 Locate Ring 5 Plunger Tip 9 Nozzle
2 Injection Cylinder 6 Plunger Sleeve 10 Plunger Ring
3 Plunger Rod Joint 7 Gooseneck 11 Injection Frame
4 Plunger 8 Gooseneck Tip 12 Melting Pot
KBS manufactures the parts including plunger sleeve and gooseneck as solid or by shrink fit to meet the customer' requirements. (Ble letter means KBS products)
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