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This is the symbolic part of hot chamber. It is immersed in the molten metal of holding furnace, and used to send the metal from the injection cylinder to the upper nozzle for feeding to the die. The name comes from its distinguished shape. The sleeve is attached, that has a hole so that the molten metal is supplied automatically when the plunger returns.

Product Information
Gooseneck for Magnesium
With double effect of special heat treatment and surface hardening treatment developed spscifically for Magnesium, longer life conpared to the conventional ones has been realized. (KBS accepts repaire and maintenance including boring)>
Gooseneck for Zinc
Improved material eliminates erosion and stabilizes the filling rate. Also, sand free metal passage is realized by new casting method, and various troubles are removed. Furthermore, the tapered filling hole facilitaes attaching and removing, and the down time is diminished.
KBS Seminar
Title:  Injection parts design reducing friction.
Date:  May 17 (Sat), 2008
Time:  9:00 -
Place:  KBS' Soka Aoyagi Plant
Speaker:  Mr. Ebisawa
Participants:  12
Admission:  Free
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