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Cold Chamber (Die casting Machine)

Cold chamber is used in casting of Aluminum alloy. As the injection part is placed outside of metal flow, it is called cold chamber. Alminum die casting shares 90% of total die casting production, and the majority is for automotive industries. Other applications are traffic lights, escalaters, industrial machineries, building materials, and many others.

Cold Chamber Diecasting Machine
Cold chamber consists of die fixture, molten metal injection part, and solidified product releasing part. As the chamber is outside of metal flow, it requires a process to scoop up the molten metal into sleeve. Thus it takes a slightly longer cycle time, but is applicable to higher melting temperature metals.
Cold Ckamber
1 Moving Base 9 Ring Bush 17 Injection Cylinder
2 Fixed Base 10 Cross Head 18 Injection Piston Rod
3 Link Housing 11 Guide Bar 19 Plunger Rod Coupling
4 Tie Bar 12 Moving Base Slider 20 Plunger Rod
5 Tie Bar Nut 13 T Groove 21 Plunger Tip
6 Fixing Cylinder 14 Pushing Cylinder 22 Sleeve
7 Link 15 Pushing Rod 23 Injection Tie Bar
8 Link Pin 16 Pushing Bumper Plate 24 Base Frame
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