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Plunger Tip

The plunger tip is a part attached to the point edge of plunger to push out the molten metal from sleeve to die cavity. Since the part contacts directly to hot molten metal, it is equipped with a internal cooling mechanism.

Product Information
Z Tip
Z Tip

This tip has achieved low cost and long life by means of the newly developed surface special deposition method that is applicable to any kind of base metal. Even though scuffing occurs, the surface will not exfoliate, and not mix into product.

This tip has internal spiral cooling structure, and shows very high cooling efficiency. By freezing the stamps quickly, production efficiency is significantly improved.
Allper Rin Tip
Ring Tip

Since the clearance beetween ring tip and sleeve is so tight that no burr can break in, and the slide is smooth. As the result, the highest product quality and the lowest defect rate are obtained.
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