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Ceramics have many superior properties to metals e.g. light weight, thermal insulation, heat resistance, etc. and secure the quality of molten metal. While, they are weak to mechanical and thermal shocks, and must be handled carefully. KBS products combine the advantages of ceramics and metal to get the best results.

Product Information
Sialon is the best selection for the parts contacting directly with metal flow in melting and casting processes. Sialon is the ceramic products having high heat resistance and strength property developed by Hitachi Metal. KBS represents Hitachi.
  1. Sialon is not eroded with molten Aluminum, thus not contaminates the metal flow.
  2. It does not pick up iron.
  3. It has high thermal insulation to keep the quality of metal flow.
  4. It guarantees long life in maintenance free.
Die casting Sleeve
Diecasting Sleeve
Vertical Sleeve
(for Molten Metal Forging)
Vertical Sleeve
Submergible Heater Tube
(for Melting and Holding Furnace)
Heater Tube
Sialon Shielding Tube
Shielding Tube Proper
Sialon Shielding Tube
(L Type Assembly)
Shielding Tube L Type
Sialon Shielding Tube
(S Type Assembly)
Shielding Tube S Type
(for Pouring Molten Metal)
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KBS Seminar
Title:  Injection parts design reducing friction.
Date:  May 17 (Sat), 2008
Time:  9:00 -
Place:  KBS' Soka Aoyagi Plant
Speaker:  Mr. Ebisawa
Participants:  12
Admission:  Free
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Mail:  info@kbs-japan.com
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