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Vacuum System

In cold chamber, molten metal is fed into cavity with high pressure and high speed, and generated gases may be mixed into products to deteriorate the quality. The vacuum system sucks and discharges the gases to keep the consistent injection. This facilitates post-treatments such as surface treatment e.g. plating, heat treatment and welding.

Product Information
Multi-VAC Modular System
The Multi-VAC system consists of a chill vent or an air flow control valve. The valve is connected to the casting die through vacuum channels and to a controller unit fitted with a vacuum pump and tank. As soon as the injection plunger runs pass the filling hole, a vacuum is drawn in both the sleeve and the cavity. The suction continues until either the controller or the metal flow shuts the valve.
Cv Chill Cv Chills
Chills constitute an efficient and cost effective alternative to conventional overflows and venting channels. They are made of copper alloys or steel with built-in cooling channels, which allow an immediate freezing of the metal. They can be used with or without vacuum controller.
Vf Valve Vf Valve
The flow actuated valves are designed to provide the highest possible vacuum until the last second of the filling process. The valve closing is triggered by the metal flow hitting a control piston, which in turn closes the vacuum valve. Thanks to the Typhoon patented circular design vacuum runners, the Vf valve is ideal for castings which require very short filling times and high injection speed. They are used mainly for high quality and critical castings, such as facia units, car doors, engine blocks and structural parts.
Vp Valve Vp Valve
Although the pneumatically controlled valve can be used for any type of castings, it is specifically designed to efficiently answer the need for very large production runs. The valve closing is triggered by the vacuum controller, which drives a high speed valve closing the evacuation piston of the main Vp valve. With fewer wear parts than the Vf valve, it offers an excellent cost performance for long run production castings.
The Multi-VAC vacuum controller series is a modular concept fulfilling all requirements for vacuum assisted processes and for all cold and hot chamber machines. It is specifically designed for easy custom configration, programming and maintenance. Each model can be installed as a standalone unit with different tank capacities or can be incorporated into any centralized vacuum installation.
LC100 LC100-250 Unit
The LC-Low Cost series is designed for single Vf valve or Cv chill control and fits any vacuum assisted process for all sizes castings. The series offers built-in programmable microprocessor or industrial relay controller. Communication to/from die casting process is also available via analogue and/or digital input/output interfaces.
MV250 MV250 Unit
The MV250 unit can control up to 2 valves simultaneously and is designed to fulfil the most demanding requirements for vacuum processes. The controller is fitted with either a PLC-Display unit or with an optional high-tech poweful and high-performance touch panel interface. With its built-in multilingual programming and human-machine interfacing capabilities, the MV series is today's most flexible and process interacting unit for all types and sizes of casting process.
Vacuum_AMPRV Combination of Vacuum and AMP-RV
One of the most significant advantages with Allper system is the combination of the AMP-RV plunger and vacuum assisted die casting systems. The AMP-RV multiple ring plunger eliminates the clearance between the shot sleeve and the injection piston preventing the infiltration of air into the cavity. The result is a significant improvement of casting quality, reduced scrap, and the assuarance of consistent production.
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