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Ring Plunger

Ring Plunger is made of copper alloy, and provides special cooling mechanism to shorten the cycle time. Ring proper is made of special steel, and closely contact with internal surface to prevent the infiltration of air into the cavity. As the ring is only contacting part, frictional is small, and the consumption of lubricant is very little.

Product Information

The AMP Modular Plunger is a ring plunger that is separatable into head and body. Conventional plunger has such drawback that even with partial damage, the whole unit must be replaced. With the AMP plunger, only the damaged part is replaced. In case of requiring high strength of plunger head, combination of special steel head and copper alloy body can be selected. While in case of requiring high vacuum, double rings can be applied to head and body. Thus the modular plunger can meet various requirements of application.

Solid Plunger AMP-A-D110
Solid Plunger AMP-A-D180
High Vacuum and High Lubricating Type AMP-RR-D90
High Vacuum and High Lubricating Type AMP-RR-D180
Super High Vacuum and Super High Lubricating Type AMP-RR-D110
Super High Vacuum and Super High Lubricating Type AMP-RR-D110
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