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Allper System

Allper of Switzerland has been developing variety of injection parts with abundant experiences in die casting, including tip ring system, temperature control system, lubrication system, and vacuum system. KBS manufactures those parts in Japan under the agreement, and proposes the customers in package.

Plunger System

Die casting performance depends on the characteristics of alloys, diecasting machine type and die. In order for the injection system to work properly, Other factors such as sleeve temperature controlling system, plunger and rod cooling system, and plunger and sleeve lubricating system are also important.

Modular Plunger AMP Series
Modular Planger APM series consist of copper alloy body, replacable ware-resistance ring, and special steel head. The series includes A series with solid tip, R series with split ring, and RV series with multiple rings.

AMP A Series

AMP R Series

AMP RV Series

Lubricating and Cooling Systems

Lubrication is extremely important for smooth run of plunger and sleeve. There are three types of lubrication system, i.e. drop lub system, spray lub system, and combination lub system.

Water Temperature Control
The system consists of duct having cooling channel, and water flow control circuit.

Molten Metal Temperature Control
The system preheats sleeve to avoid wearing of tip and sleeve, and to reduce scrap at start-up.

Plunger Rod System
To stabilize the sleeve plunger temperature, water is circulated through cooling ring and plunger.

Shot Sleeve Insert
To avoid the erosion of filling hole, the use of detachable insert is recommendable.

Vacuum System

Multi VAC Modular System
The Modular System consists of a chill vent or an air control valve connected to the control panel for vacuum pump.

Cv Chill
The Cv Chill has a built-in cooling channel to cool the metal flow efficiently.

Vf Valve
The Vf Valve is suitable for quick injection, and used in facia units, car doors, engine blocks, and structural parts.

Vp Valve
Vp Valve is suited to casting of big items

Multi VAC Controller
The Multi VAC Controller is designed so that the users can make set-up and mainatenance by themselves.

Combination of Vacuum and AMP-RV
AMP-RV Multi Ring eliminates gap between sleeve and piston, and prevents infiltration of air.

For properties and safety of copper alloys, please refer to the maker's website in the following.
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